If you stand for the emotional & mental wellness of the Black Men you love, claim your seat TODAY!

ON JAN 31st, 1865,

the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, except as punishment for a crime.

Yet, Black Men have been "criminalized" ever since. When you are a criminal, you lose all rights as a citizen. But something more profound happens when a person, a Black Man, is labeled criminal: He stops being considered a human being.



He doesn’t tell people that he has been raped, robbed, or depressed.

He doesn’t have the social permission to say that he is scared or feels alone.


He NEVER gets the emotional and mental support or the resources he needs, that other populations receive -- including Black Women. Black Women have emotional and mental trauma rooted in Chattel America slavery dating back to 1619 as well. Due to gender bias however, Black Women are afforded social permission to talk about our trauma and get help to be whole and healed.

Black Men don’t have the social, cultural, or emotional permission to even name their pain as trauma. As a man, he toughs it out. But because he may have undiagnosed mental or emotional trauma from living in a constant state of fear, he can’t get the support he needs to be well. Simply because he is both Black and Male in America.


What if we, the Black Women who love our brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, friends, lovers, husbands—did the necessary inner work to heal OUR wounds, instead of reacting to theirs?

When we heal, we become a safe space for them to do the same.

When we don't, we become the emotional "overseers" society has trained us to be.

Imagine HEALED Black Women listening, relating to, and hearing Black Men as an expression of God. If you can imagine that future, you are going to LOVE this groundbreaking opportunity!

This "first of its kind" Virtual Summit includes access to ALL panels, speakers, workshops & laser therapeutic opportunities for both days AND comedians!

Total Value of Summit: $3,000

Your rate for this groundbreaking virtual event:


(This is my Love Offering to YOU!!)

If you stand for the emotional & mental wellness of the Black Men you love, claim your seat TODAY!

In this groundbreaking and educational two-day Virtual Summit, we focus all our attention, empathy, and compassion on the emotional and mental wellness of Black Men. During this summit, they will be witnessed, seen, and heard. Panels, speakers, workshops, laser coaching for both men and women - as well as comedy - are ALL in service of the Black Men we love.

But that’s not all.

This two-day love offering for Black Men’s mental and emotional health is a fundraiser for Black Men Heal, Inc., a nonprofit organization that tends to the wellness of Black Men with dignity and respect.

During this groundbreaking and educational virtual summit, you will discover:

  • How society has conspired against Black Men, so they must jump through hoops to be financially free (Girl! It’s deeper than you think!)
  • The opportunity to get a taste of support from health care professionals, so the idea of “therapy” stops being a stigma!
  • Laugh your head off when Black Men comedians take the virtual stage!
  • What’s REALLY at the root of Black couples warring and Black men marrying outside of our race (It’s not what you think!)
  • “Let Him Speak” an open mic session where Brothers get speak THEIR truth without interruption!!

And most crucial of all: Black Men get to have the experience of being innocent; of being seen, heard, witnessed and believed, instead of being questioned or discredited. Simply put, this Virtual Summit is a safe space for Black Men to let their guard down.

Healing with Him™ is for Black Women, and the Black Men we love: It’s NOT for haters or Black Women who are so damaged that all they can do is bash brothers. This is a love offering. It’s the only one of its kind. For a limited time, admission is FREE! The value of this event is over $3,000 per person, due to the level of speakers, trainers, panelists, and onsite therapists.

BE A PART OF HEALING HISTORY! Don’t make this another regret by not attending. You will kick yourself if you miss this! Especially if you love a Black Man and don’t know how to talk to him in a way that DOESN’T escalate into a screaming match. #metoo

Think of it this way Sis: Society has Black men cornered. Trapped. Entrapped. From the cops to the courts, to the prison pipeline; no one is on the side of Black men and boys. The ONLY shot they have at healing the emotional and mental wounds they may not even realize they have, is “in the love” of a Black Woman.

We can't heal him... but we CAN heal with him.

Black Men are people, too. Grab your seat NOW to learn, grow, & honor the humanity of the Black Men you love.

Acclaimed Inspirational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Sit-Down Comic, Award-Winning Performance Artist, Marketing Alchemist™, and Business Mentor, Dr. Venus Opal Reese went from living on the streets and eating out of trash cans to obtaining two master's degrees and a PhD from Stanford University.

Previously, she worked as a university professor before investing in herself and her entrepreneurial skills. As Creator & CEO of VenusOpal Enterprises, Inc., she grossed over $5 million in less than six years and now leverages her success to drive socioeconomic healing  specifically designed for Black Women.